It’s easy to come up with excuses for avoiding exercise, but according to a survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 25% of us have the same one: feet that hurt!  

According to the same survey results, one out of every four adults is unable to exercise because of that foot pain, and 80% of adults in this country have experienced a foot issue.

If so many Americans have problems with their feet, we have to ask: why aren’t we seeing more of you in our Elmhurst podiatry practice?

Unfortunately, we may know the answer already: far too many individuals choose to ignore their foot pain, hoping it will get better with a new pair of shoes or the passage of time. Does it hurt when you run? Too many people are training through the pain, opening themselves up to further injury. Stepped funny during a basketball game? Lots of you are trying to just walk off the injury, even if it might be a sprain!

Sadly, these are just a few of many foot problems people try to treat at home, without the benefit of a trained professional. People are willing to throw out money at over-the-counter products for everything from foot fungus to corns, when just one or two visits to your podiatrist could quickly and effectively eliminate the issue once and for all.

These are the Foot Conditions You Should Never Treat at Home It's hard to work out when your feet hurt. See our Elmhurst podiatrists so you can get back to exercising!

Let’s go back to the idea of that potentially sprained ankle. We know it can be tempting to “walk off” this type of injury, especially since you might assume that being able to walk on it indicates a minor issue. But that’s just not the case: even when you are able to bear weight on an injury, you may be causing yourself further damage. And, unless properly treated, that sprained ankle or other injury will never heal completely. While the pain may go away, the injury sight will be weakened, leaving you more likely to re-injure yourself or to experience chronic discomfort.

Now let’s talk foot fungus. There are hundreds of drug store products available to treat this conditions like athlete’s foot. And some will help reduce your itching, odor and pain, but they often fail to kill the underlying bacteria causing the infection, which means one thing: you’re going to keep developing athlete’s foot!

So, in conclusion, see your podiatrist for foot treatments, so your feet don’t hurt and keep you from getting your sweat on. And now, let’s return to the initial point of this post: healing your feet so you can exercise more!

Foot Pain and its Impact on Exercise

So, as the APMA pointed out, many people skip workouts because their feet hurt. But,  with the help of your podiatrist, that couch surfing can end: we can get you back in the gym, often before your treatment pan has even been completed!

Yup, that’s right: seeing a podiatrist won’t automatically keep you benched: depending on the nature of your injury or condition, our trained podiatrists can work with you to develop a work-out plan that won’t compromise your recovery! And we can check in with you to update the plan as your foot health—and/or fitness levels—change and improve. So don’t fall victim to the exercise excuse that’s plaguing this country! Seek treatment at the earliest sign of foot pain, so that you can reclaim that weekend (or daily) warrior status you used to enjoy!

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