Now that we are finally seeing some nice weather here in Chicagoland, we find ourselves wanting to be outside for everything possible! I mean, really, with the sun and a nice breeze, a comfortable chair and a glass of iced tea – what could stop us?  

Buzzzzz…. Swat! OH YEA, those flying bugs. Whether flies, bees, mosquitos or the likes these little pesky guys can really put a damper on our picture perfect day. We want to be one with nature! … just not that part.  Depending on the trips you have planned, take care and attention to the potential bugs you might get bugged by.  Heavily wooded areas can put you at risk of becoming a meal for ticks, while being near swampy and humid areas tend to be where mosquitos like to make their homes. Be sure to put on some repellent, especially on your feet! Some bugs are more attracted to warmth and certain smells we give off as mammals. Also, when you get out there to clean out your garage or do some gardening, be on the lookout for any swarms near your firewood or up in the rafters.  Wasps and bees can make a nice little nest right where you are working.  

Another nice tip - there are some plants that naturally repel some bugs. Planting lemongrass and lavendar for example help to keep mosquitos away. 

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