When your foot wound isn't healing it's something to take seriously.  Studies show that if a foot wound isn't 50% healed after 4 weeks of care its risk of non healing is over 80%!

Our doctors at PPFAC look at the whole picture when it comes to your foot wound....the problem is not just in your foot!  We have to look at 4 areas

1-Pressure- Most foot wounds are caused by pressure and we need to put you in the proper footwear (cam walker, surgical shoe, special inserts) to reduce or fully remove that pressure. 

2-Blood flow- If your blood flow is inadequate to heal your wound, we will work with the vascular specialists to try to increase it so that your body can heal that sore!

3-Nutrition- Your foot wound is often not healing because your blood sugars are too high and even because you aren't getting enough nutrients, vitamins or proteins.  We will work with your primary care doctor, and in some cases a nutritionist, to help put you on the right path. 

4-Infection- A common reason ulcers stay open is infection, we monitor our patients closely (weekly even) to be sure the wound is not getting infected or worse yet the bone isn't getting infected.  If you already have an infection it needs to be resolved before your wound will heal. 

If you have a wound that isn't healing, please call us today for an appointment and we will get you on the path to healing! 

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