Looking in your closet and seeing nothing but last year's beat up sandals? Welcome to the club! With spring break around the corner, it's time to pick some good sandals. 
Here are my favorite tips!
- Find a sandal with a deep heel cup. This holds the heel in place, prevents slippage of the shoe, and puts you on a more stable base.
-Look for an arch. Yes! Your sandals should have a built-in arch. If they don't, you are just asking for pain and a bad case of plantar fasciitis to start off your spring! 
-Keep your eye out for an ankle strap. The reason most sandals end up causing you foot pain is because our toes have to grip so hard to hold the sandal on.  A heel strap prevents that and holds your foot in the sandal. 
-Must have a flip flop ? Look for straps that are thick and come far back on your foot. This also helps keep the foot well seated on the sandal.  It's not perfect but the best flip flops have these. 
My two favorite sandals are Spenco Sandals, especially the Yumi, and Vionics. Just click on them to go straight to their websites!
For more tips on keeping your feet spring break ready, check this out.  
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