It's the last quarter of the year, and what a year it has been! Learning new information each day throughout most of 2020 has left many of us stressed, exhausted and really not taking very good care of ourselves! I invite you to join me as I journey through 6 weeks of Healthy Habits! Each week, a new video will be posted - each one spotlighting a different Healthy Habit and way for you to take care of yourself, your loved ones and to finish 2020 (or whatever year you read/watch this!) stronger than ever and ready to start the New Year!

Week 1 - 10/8/2020 FRILUFTLIV - Outdoor Living!

Consider the possibility that there is no "bad weather" but rather just inappropriate clothing! This is the concept behing Friluftsliv - a Skandinavien term meaning outdoor living. In this video, Dr. Doyle explains how to embrace this Healthy Habit into your daily life no matter what the weather is! Rain gear, snow gear, sunscreen or whatever you need, grab it and get outside!!!

Week 2 - 10/15/2020 Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water reduces dry skin, prevents cracks and pain! It also helps with kidney health and muscle and skeleton health! Appetite reduction is a handy side-effect of drinking plenty of water too! How much is enough? Watch to see what Dr. Doyle has to say!

Week 3 - 10/22/2020 Meditate!

This has a surprising effect on health - just getting away from the stress and distractions of life! See all the suggestions Dr. Doyle has for you!

Week 4 - 10/28/2020 Vitamins and Minerals!

Vitamins A & E - Anti-oxidants for immune health. Vitamin C - helps synthesize collagen for healing of injuries. Vitamin D - harder to get in the winter months, but is very important for bone strength! Zinc - another immune booster can be found in oysters, red meat, or in an over-the-counter vitamin! Don't forget the leafy greens in your diet!!

Week 5 - 11/5/2020 Stretching!

Reduction of stress on the ligaments is very healthy! It also helps with general relaxation! See Dr. Doyle's stretching series here!

Week 6 - 11/12/2020 Stay in Touch!

Mental health cannot be ignored - so keep up with those you love and care about by phone, through a letter, or by sending a care package!

Week 7 - 11/19/2020 Healthy Habits Wrap-up!

Here all the habits in one great summary video!



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