If you have read the Farmer's Almanac, or anything on Facebook for that matter, you know it is predicted to be colder this winter than the Polar Vortex we experienced last year!  Ugh I know but lets face it, we are blessed to have a roof over our head, shoes on our feet and heat to keep us warm.  Not everyone is.  At Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, we are honoring Thanksgiving and giving back.  

Throughout the rest of the month of November we will be hosting a Sock Drive at our office!  Many homeless shelters get plenty of shoes, but no warm socks to go with them!  Imagine a blustery Chicago Winter with NO SOCKS?!  

Bring in a pair of sock and we will reward you for your good deed with a runner blinkie or hand sanitizer.  And yes we are participating too! Our office is going to match the number of socks donated in our office and our staff is participating too!  

Let's remember everything we are blessed to have this season and pay it forward!!  

Dr. Misty McNeill
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D.P.M. - Founder of Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic
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