Tonight my husband will be at Game 7 of Round 2 watching our beloved Blackhawks in their quest for the Stanley Cup. He will be there with Dr Arain's husband who was kind enough to offer up the second ticket to his "hockey Jedi master".  So Mr Toews, Kaner, Young Michael Frolik, or (my personal fav) Sharpie, if you need a defibrillator (Dr Arain's husband is a cardiologist) or if you need your business defended to the Government  (my husband is an auditor) you are good to go! 

But if your Achilles is firing up from all that sprinting down the ice or your sweaty skates are starting to stink from 7 ( yes 7!) long games against the Wings...well come and see us! We are the ladies who will be rooting for you from home and we will be there if your feet should need us.  


Let's Go Hawks....Bring us a W!  Dadada dadada dadadadadadada! 

Dr. Misty McNeill
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