As you may know, about a month ago, I began training for Disney's Dopey Challenge.  These last 2 weeks I "crossed over to the dark side" with my long runs already hitting the 15 and 16 mile marks.  I am following Hal Higdon's Dopey Training Plan, so I am confident it's going to get me there.  One of my favorite quotes is "Running is a Metaphor for Life...You get out of it what you put into it."  That statement couldn't be more true.  As I have watched so many of my friends and family become runners, I see that in living color every day! 

Well, training to run 48.6 miles in 4 days doesn't come without its share of aches and pains.  My plantar fasciitis has acted up and with back to back long runs (this week was 6/16 climbing eventually to 11 miles and 22 miles) I have been in a state of constant worry about a stress fracture.  However the mental training trumps it all...telling myself I can do this some days takes every bit of self confidence I have! 

I have this picture in my house and I think it sends the perfect messages for training...ending in "Do the think you never thought you could do."  This week I will start with the first theme "Unleash your creative spirit".  This is exactly what I had to do this week!  I am so excited to be heading to Nashville for a Summit with many other top podiatrists around the country.  However as exciting as that is, fitting in my 16 mile training run on a Wednesday or Thursday means getting up at 4 am!  OUCH!!  So after much deliberation (and mind changing) I decided to go out last Saturday and see how I felt...if I was feeling good I would knock the 16 out and swap out my cut back week.  Well, it was a BEAUTIFUL morning in Elmhurst. The path was buzzing with Chicago Marathoners in full on taper mode!  I had company the entire way and the 16 really flew by!  

The lesson for today is sometimes you have to throw away what your mind is telling you, BE CREATIVE (and flexible) with your training plan and just let your body "Get'r Done!".

If something is slowing up your training, give us a call today so you can Run Happy -- Dr Misty


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