A pet peeve quickly rising to the top of my list is inappropriate shoegear during summer activities.  All too often, I drive or walk by neighbors' houses and see a growing trend - people shoveling, digging, lawn mowing in flip flops.  When the season finally turns (as we hope it has, *fingers crossed*) we are all too excited to put away our winter boots, shovels and hide the snow blower in the back of the garage or shed.  However, even though 70 degrees outside feels like 90 in comparison to what we've been dealing with - it does NOT by any means mean that you should skimp on footwear.  Of course, we want to give our feet and toes some extra air, but under-protection now can cause a lame summer, resting up or in pain from a preventable injury.

Flip flops ---- appropriate pretty much only when walking poolside.  Unless of course you have a supportive pair, like Spencos, which are good for even running a few errands or going to the zoo.  When working outside, workboots or athletic shoes are important to ensure you minimize the chance of losing your balance and spraining your ankle or breaking a bone.  Wearing supportive shoes also reduces the risk of devleoping those pesky blisters. 

Feet can get sunburned also. It is important to realize that our feet may be more at risk of sun injury or the devleopment of skin cancer as they are covered most of the year and rarely are slathered up with sunscreen. 

Despite your footwear, if you suffer an injury over the summer - there's only one phone number you need to remember, 630-834-3668.  We strive to accommodate all injuries within 24 hours, so cut out the wait at the ER!





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