While this post is coming at a time when we are realizing that the summer is passing by very quickly, I felt it is a very important topic to broach.  Sandals during summertime are something that a lot of people look forward to-but flip-floppers beware!  Your sandals are not intended for all your summertime activities. 

Summer offers us the chance to go swimming, enjoy an after-dinner stroll, go for a nice bike ride or even just have barbeque on the deck under an umbrella.  However, it is also the time for moving college kids in and out of dorms/apartments, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, or sometimes even climbing up onto a ladder to paint!  With so many things to get done, it saves us time not to grab a pair of socks and lace up our shoes before we head out, but it's time well spent in preventing your next foot injury.

Any time you will be lifting a heavy object (whether it be moving a couch or picking up a sweet new 60" high def tv from best buy), shoes provide stability that can prevent falls and can lessen the blow when said heavy object slides out of your hands and falls on your foot.  Sometimes dropping something heavy on your foot may only cause bruising, but it can also cause broken bones and trauma to the toenails that may cause the nail to fall off - or in a worst case scenario can cause a laceration to the toe that if severe enough may require long term antibiotic treatment or even surgery.  Shoes prevent against some of these injuries.

When you're heading outside to mow the lawn, take the time to put on socks and shoes.  You are less likely to step on a pinecone and twist your ankle, less likely to be impaled by a piece of glass or wood, and less likely to suffer a serious laceration to your foot if the lawnmower takes on a mind of its own.

If you will be up on a ladder, the support of shoes is an obvious benefit.  Not only can wearing shoes prevent you from falling or twisting your ankle, but it can also prevent excessive strain on the muscles around your ankles or the bottom of your feet that may take a while to recover from.

Gardening?  Put on a supportive pair of shoes that can give you the support you need when you step on that shovel to dig a hole and plant your new rose bushes.

Consider your choice of shoe gear during the day carefully to prevent injuries and as always, contact our office for an appointment if you suffer a foot injury - old or new - to be assessed.

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