Feet take you where you want to go, they help you to do what you want to do. They take a beating – the amount of which is determined by your activities, your weight and your preparation for these activities (good shoes, warm up, training program). Are we all destined to have foot pain? Yes and no. Between 75-80% of the adult population has some form of foot problem. Everyone’s foot structure is different and this is dictated primarily by your genetic make-up. Maybe you have your mom’s bunions or your dad’s flat feet. We can’t change what we inherit, but we can nuture our feet and if done early enough often we can avoid the pitfalls of our foot structure.

The most practical way to avoid foot pain is to treat your feet well. Even from an early age, foot problems can begin to set in. Pain isn’t the first sign either – it could be fatigue, a lack of desire to participate in sports or other activities. In very young children, it can be a desire to be carried more often.  By treating your feet well, this means providing proper support and avoid excessive strain on our feet. Training and increasing activities over time rather than taking up marathon training 1 month before the big race helps our feet (and the rest of our body) to adapt to the changing demands we place on them. 

Another thought could be living in a zero gravity environment. Without the pull of gravity on the bones, joints and muscles in our feet there wouldn’t be a source for overwork. However, we would also experience atrophy from a lack of use… 


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