I remember going shopping with my cousin at the mall - picking out new earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings --- even once a fake nose ring, which would nearly give my dad a panic attack when I showed up at home with it on. It's fun to dress up and accessorize, and there are some options available for our feet. When the cold streak finally clears, wearing sandals and strutting our latest polish color can feel good and some of us like to wear anklets and toe rings to add just a little more interest. 

Generally speaking, unless you have a metal allergy, jewelery is pretty benign. On our feet, this is also typically the case. Whether you like to wear an anklet made out of some type of chain or one braided with embroidery floss, there really isn't anything to worry about - aside from the latter possibly getting smelly over the course of time. As far as toe rings go, there are a couple of precautions I would offer.

1. Pick a toe ring that is adjustable, this means less irritation from all the "on and off" and ensures the ring won't be too tight

2. DO take the toe ring off daily. A ring that is left on for weeks, months or years can be harder to take off - especially if you don't follow rule #1. Cutting a toe ring off is a dangerous feat (pun intended) and is best to avoid.

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