One of the most common things we see at PPFAC are plantars warts.  Plantars warts are the same virus as any other wart in the body. Then why do we need to treat them differently? The skin on the bottom of the foot is extremely thick and therefore traditional treatments with freezing or weak acids just don't cut it.  Many people turn to surgery, either by laser or getting the warts "cut out".  And of course there are just many people who resolve that it will NEVER go away!  

This is simply FICTION. Your warts can and will go away if treated properly.  At PPFAC we use a treatment protocol that will resolve the "average" wart or warts in 4 treatments that are spaced 2 weeks apart.  It does take a little work on your part with a nightly treatment, but it takes less than 2 minutes a night.  The treatment we apply in the office causes your body to mount an immune response to the wart virus and not only gets rid of your wart, but minimizes the recurrence of the wart. 

The best part about our treatment is its virtually painless.  Oscaisionally patients mount an excellent response to the treatment we use and will have a little tenderness the next day.  This is more common when the wart is in certain areas on your foot and our doctors at PPFAC can tell you if you are likely to be sore.  Usually this resolves in about 48 hours so its a small inconvenience. 

We have seen patients who have had warts for years (and many other treatments too!) and after our treatments their warts resolve.  Any one of our doctors would be happy to see you (or your loved one) for a full examination and to discuss our treatment protocol.  Stop worrying about these little us today for an appointment. 





Dr. Misty McNeill
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