Many people followed Dr. Doyle as she posted on Facebook about questions commonly asked regarding Bunion Surgery and just "how bad it is". In reality, we are able to minimize many of the concerns that patients have and it turns out that Bunion Surgery isn't nearly as bad as many people anticipate. Here are all of her videos in one place in case you want a refresher or want to share them with someone else who you think needs to see them!

Episode 1: Driving Restrictions

Bunion Surgery can be daunting for drivers who are concerned with the loss of mobility following surgery. While it is true that some may have to give up driving for a while, the time spent resting is important to the overall healing process.


Episode 2: Risk of Scarring

Bunion Surgery can cause scarring, but if patients follow our instructions and the RICE technique, scarring will be minimized. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)


Dr. talking in front of a off-white wallEpisode 3: Associated Pain

Many patients are concerned with pain associated with Bunion Surgery. Thankfully, we have several ways we can help to minimize the pain that most patients feel. Following the RICE technique, (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) is a starting place. Our doctors are also able to prescribe pain medications as needed. Most exciting however, is the MLS Laser Therapy for Pain offered at our office. Not only does Laser Therapy reduce pain, but it also speeds healing by increasing circulation and production within the body of natural healing agents. All of this together significantly reduces the pain our patients feel post-surgically.

Episode 4: Returning to ActivitiesDr. in red shirt talking in front of tan wall

Bunion Surgeries vary by exactly what procedure needs to be completed in order to make sure of the best possible outcome for each patient. Therefore it is not possible to say the exact return to activity date for all surgery patients. However, many of our patients are able to walk away from surgery with the protective support of a walking boot and only putting weight on the heel. For those who need to be non-weight-bearing, returning to activities may take a little longer, but we will get you there, with proper care and rest. 

Episode 5: Physical TherapyDoctor in scrubs talking in front of tan wall

Many of our bunion surgery patients will need some physical therapy after surgery in order to regain full use and strength in the affected foot. This is meant to help with healing, range of motion and strength and is important to the overall success of the surgery.


Episode 6: SwellingDoctor wearing red talking in front of a tan wall

Swelling is a concern with Bunion Surgery as it contributes to scarring and pain. As discussed in some of the previous videos, using the RICE technique (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) helps to reduce swelling and therefore helps reduce scarring and pain. In addition, being careful not to jump back into too many activities too soon will help keep the swelling at bay. Bunion surgery patients should be aware however, that swelling can occur even several months after the procedure. 

Episode 7: RecurrenceDoctor holding custom orthotics talking in front of tan wall

Bunion Surgery is a big commitment and we do everything we can to minimize the risk of recurrence, which can happen if the feet are not properly taken care of. The source of the original bunion needs to be addressed in order to prevent it from happening again. The most effective method for preventing recurrence is custom orthotics. These are available in our office and they provide support for the foot in the proper position so that bunions will not happen again!

As you can see, Bunion Surgery isn't as bad as most people anticipate or have heard about. We are here and ready to help care for you or your loved one and to guide you through the process from start to finish, while minimizing pain, swelling, scarring and speeding healing and returning to activities as much as possible. Please give us a call so we can set up an evaluation to see if surgery is the next step or if there are more conservative methods of treatment that might provide a better option for you. 

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