So last week I had to run what I consider the toughest run combo to date.  I had 7 miles on Friday and 17 miles on Saturday.  I spent the whole week thinking and thinking and thinking some more!  I just couldn't quite wrap my brain around doing these back to back longer runs.  I had worked my worry up so much in my mind that by Friday afternoon I was a total head case and in the middle of, as one of my BRF's (Best Running Friend) Dana said, "TOTAL FREAK OUT MODE"!  

I was looking for every excuse NOT to run the 17 miles.  In fact I woke up early on Saturday AM, got out of bed and did a mental check of all systems....Neck stiff? No (which believe it or not has been my worst training injury!), ITB/Knee? No pain, Achilles? feeling loose, and no heel pain or soreness!  Most runners would be rejoicing but I was actually HOPING something would be wrong!  

Thats when I had my lightbulb moment! The TRUTH was all in my head and its the mental game that will get you every time!  There are so many people who come to see me with stress fractures and recurrent heel pain that keeps them from doing everything they love (running or otherwise)!  My TRUTH was, I not only could run...I had to run! If I didn't, I would have known that I lost to the thoughts in my head!  And that is worse than any injury I can imagine. 

So out the door I went and 19 miles (add in my 2 mile coffee/walk/talk cool down) and 3 hours later a new woman walked back into my house.  I had beaten that little voice inside my head that said I couldn't do it.   One of my favorite lines on my running playlist is by Phillip Phillips, "Don't pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear".  Couldn't have said it better myself!  

Run Happy --Dr Misty 

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