When I started training for Dopey it was sheer joy, utter excitement! As I approach the 1/2 way point of training I can say its more like sheer terror and panic over everything...what is that pain in my heel? Why does my hamstring hurt all of the sudden? Is it time to change my shoes

This weeks panic came over rain....we are expected to get LOTS of rain tomorrow, which also happens to be Halloween.  While everyone else is worrying about how their little ghosts and goblins are going to get out to trick or treat; I am worrying about my 8 mile run.  I have 3 consecutive runs this week, 3-8-18 miles respectively.  I was supposed to do 3 this AM, but when I woke up I realized tomorrow AM calls for 100% chance of rain :(  Though many have some great tips on running in the rain, I didn't want to read them.  The Dopey training requires a fair amount of consecutive training days and you can't just move those around, so basically I just want it NOT to rain on my heavy training days.  

Well today I decided to LET IT GO! Just go with it...life happens...rain happens! As a favorite book of mine says, "If you can't change the circumstances, change your response to them."   Today at 5:30 am it was a beautiful Midwest fall morning, 47 degrees, rustling leaves and a light breeze.  Armed with the company of Amy, one of my BRF's, I opted for 7 miles instead of 3.  It gives me breathing room for whatever should happen tomorrow.  

Later my kids were home for lunch and when I mentioned that it was going to rain for Trick or Treating their response was, "That's Awesome! We will be soaked!!" I guess it is all about perspective.  They aren't thinking about the perfectly beautiful weather we had last year...they are just making lemonade from lemons.  So tomorrow morning I will follow their lead, I will LET GO OF EXPECTATIONS. I will be running in the rain thinking "This is Awesome! I am soaked!". 

Run Happy, Dr Misty

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