I am starring a 4 week program at my local yoga studio which incorporates yoga with weights and a diet/nutrition component as well.  The instructions on the first day say to bring a yoga mat, a towel, and "clean, never worn outside running shoes" if you can't go barefoot.  Well for me, this is perfect!  As a podiatrist myself, I have exprienced foot pain and injuries.  And after trying various other yoga classes, with my foot condition, it is actually difficult for me to perform many of the poses balancing on the ball of my foot!  I realize I actually do need the support of my orthotics, which are in my new, unclean, unused gyms shoes.  So today, my first day of class, I will be toting my orthotic clad gym shoes to start this 4 week journey. 

If you have foot pain, you shouldn't have to live with it!  Make an appointment with one of our doctors today!  Call Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic 630-834-3668.

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