Last week, Bulls superstar Joakim Noah sued Le Coq Sportif, the shoe company he had a contract with, and claimed that the shoes may even have contributed to his heel pain or plantar fasciitis. Now I admit that I have never seen or examined a pair of Le Coq Sportif basketball shoes, so I can't comment on this case's merit.  However if you have plantar fasciitis, one contributing factor to making it worse is shoes that lack proper arch support.  If the shoes Joakim had to wear because of his contract did indeed have a lack of support in the arch, there are definitely ways around it with an arch support or an orthotic.  Many times a custom orthotic will help improve the biomechanics of the foot in order to allow your foot to perform most efficiently.  So if the shoe's lack of support is aggravating your heel pain, know that there are things you can do to prevent it from getting worse. If Joakim knew this, he may not be in the position he is in today! If you have plantar fasciitis and you think it may be due to your shoes, make an appointment with one of our doctors for a thorough exam.  

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