If you are a diabetic who was diagnosed as a child, you most probably are a type 1.  As a pediatric patient, you worked with a special pediatric endocrinologist, or someone who specializes in helping get your diabetes under control.  However research is finding that there is a lack of compliance when adolescents transition to adulthood in controling their blood sugars.  There is an added responsibility that lies on the patient, whereas for younger patients there was a lot more attention.  But now new guidelines show that with the help of social media, skype, and other similar tools, this helps patient get engaged and stay engaged; and with mor support comes more compliance.  The bottom line is that the more patients are enganged in their health, the more they are likely to stay compliant and feel that they have a source to turn to, such as an online community, instead of calling their dotor all the time.  If you are diabetic, you should also have your feet checked regularly by a podiatrist.  Call Prairie Path Foot and Ankle and our doctors can provide this service!






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