We LOVE our custom orthotics! We love being able to help so many patients get relief from their pain and to be able to get back to the activities they love to do! We also know that a lot of people have questions about exactly what a custom orthotic is, what it does, and why they are so very important! In this video series (we will add a video each week) Dr. Arain will answer the most common questions that we hear each day in our office. 

Week 1 - 10/8/2020 - How is a Custom Orthotic any better than one I can buy at the Drugstore? 

We like to compare the different options on shoe inserts to cars for a better visual! 

Over the counter (inserts you can buy at the drugstore or online) are like compact cars - (they provide cushion) they'll get you from point A to point B, but they aren't very comfortable.

Medical-grade inserts (available in our office) are like a mid-size care - (they provide cushion and some support) they're more comfortable and you don't mind being in them for a longer period of time.

Custom Orthotics - the recommendation from our office for truly caring for your feet are like a high-performance sports car - (they provide cushion, perfect support designed for you, and all the corrections you need to perform your best) they are designed to be comfy while also getting you where you want to go, safely, quickly and in style!  

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