I am definitely not a seasoned runner!  In fact, I would still consider myself a beginner runner, and I think I always will!  But the fact that I consider myself a runner at all says something, right?  But I did notice after talking to other beginner runners out there that there are a few thoughts that beginner runners share:

-The first few minutes are the toughest.  When you first get out there, it is hard to set your pace.  I often start out too fast, and then after a few minutes, realize I am going too fast too soon, and I have to force myself to slow down.  Having a Garmin is useful - I have to use it from the get go!

-Trying to get the perfect play list.  It is a constant challenge to find music and update my shuffle mode.  My kids have an influence on that too, I can't deny it.

-I'm shy to try new running gear.  I know what feels good, and I want to wear it over and over again, in different colors.  But trying new gear can also be refreshing, and can help break monotony. My favorite is a new pair of socks - I love Feetures!! 

-To run alone or with a group?  That is the question.  So for myself, I really enjoy running by myself, but the comradery is so tempting! 

-Do I run to train for a race?  Or are there multiple races?  Where do I start?  Running to train for a race shows a different level of training, vs running for the sake of running.  Either way, whatever the reason you run, keep running as long as you are enjoying yourself!

If you are a beginner runner or a seasoned runner, you need to know a good podiatrist in case an injury happens, because to us here at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, a runner that can't run is an emergency!  Call our office today.





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