Many patients come to our office seeking help for an ingrown nail.  Often that nail is red, swollen, has some drainage; maybe even pus....a full blown infection.   A large portion of them have already been seen in the ER or by your pediatrician or primary doctor and have been placed on antibiotics.  They are worried because the infection isn't getting any better or possibly it improved but then came back?! 

Treating an infected, ingrown nail known also as a Paronychia isn't as simple as being placed on oral antibiotics/pills to stop the infection.  Even those at home remedies like peroxide, chili powder or antibiotic ointment won't work alone. 

The infection must be drained and the ingrown nail or 'spicule' removed.  I know...this sounds scary but really its a simple procedure.  It does require a numbing shot, but its quick and once over the procedure is PAIN FREE.  Most importantly, you will be rid of that nasty infection.

It's also important to know that ingrown nails can come back.  If that does happen there is a permanent procedure that will resolve the problem once and for all.  

Remember, antibiotics alone won't solve the problem, but a simple visit to us at PPFAC can! 


Dr. Misty McNeill
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