So you noticed a bump on your big toe joint. The term 'bunion' has been used to describe any bump around the big toe joint area. This can sometimes be hallux valgus (the technical term for bunion), arthritis (or hallux limitus), a gout attack, or even a cyst or mass.  Rarely are bunions 'just a bump.'  When using the more technical term (hallux abductovalgus) we can see that there is more to it.  The position of the big toe curving toward the smaller toes, the prominence, but also the rotational position are all components of a 'bunion' deformity, when speaking on hallux valgus.  It is much more widely accepted now that a bunion should in most cases not just be removal of a bump - that repositioning the bone behind the big toe helps to make the correction last longer. However, some foot experts now are advocating for even a little more aggressive correction, in the form of a procedure call the Lapidus. This is a surgery that has the potential to correct all positional abnormalities associated with bunions and involves fusing a joint in the middle of the foot.


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