Bunions are hereditary.  They come as a result of the imbalances in the pull of different muscles and tendons around your feet and ankles and this is linked to your particular foot type.  A lot of people worry that bunions will get worse ... that they will have "feet like grandma/mom/dad" and don't know what to do about it.

Bunions can be treated a variety of ways, depending upon the severity of the bunion.  Mild-moderately painful bunions can be managed with conservative measurings including orthotics, changing your shoegear and physical therapy.  Sometimes a cortisone injection can bring relief for months or even a year!  Severe bunions may be better treated conservatively with wider shoes, but may require surgery.  Unfortunately, the bunion you currently have will not go away, but if the pain can be managed conservatively you may not need surgery for it.  In some cases, however, surgery may be needed to correct your bunion.  This does more than make the foot fit better into shoes - it also realigns the surfaces of the big toe joint to prevent arthritis down the line that can complicate the surgical approach.

If you have a bunion, .. or even if your parents/grandparents had bunions, call for an appointment to be evaluated today.  A short visit will determine your foot type and we can assess for how likely it is that a bunion will be a problem for you.


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