Over the last few months I have been posting on our Social Media pages each Thursday about big toe joint pain. I wanted to put all of my videos in one convenient place in case you have questions and need a quick reference to one of them. In this post, you can watch all five videos discussing causes and treatment options. 

Dr. Doyle standing in front of a Disney QuoteGout:

The first video discusses Gout, which is a result of over-production or under-secretion of Uric Acid. This causes crystals to form and deposit in the joints which result in intense joint pain. We have treatments available!





Hallux Limitus:

The second video discusses a condition known as Hallux Limitus which means arthritis of the Big Toe Joint. Pain comes from undo stress and strain on the joint. Treatments vary by what stage you are at when you come in to see us.





Bunions:Dr. Doyle standing in front of cabinets

The third video and final condition causing big toe joint pain is Bunions. Bunions are caused by a dis-location of the Big Toe Joint (Hallux Abducto Valgus) which happens over time. A thorough evaluation at our office results in a customized treatment plan.





Dr. Doyle sitting in front of cabinets holding a Diagnostic Ultrasound machineDiagnostic Ultrasound and Injections:

In our office, we use Diagnostic Ultrasound to guide us as we give injections for relief of big toe joint pain, which minimizes discomfort during the injection and helps you get back to your activities quickly.






Custom Orthotics:Dr. Doyle standing in front of a door holding custom orthotics

A great long-term solution to big toe joint pain is custom orthotics, which we provide here in our office. We offer a variety of styles to fit all your various shoes, so that we can get you pain-free and keep you that way!






If you have any questions at all about your big toe joint pain, give us a call at 630-834-3668 today to get an appointment for an evaluation so that we can create a treatment plan perfect for you.


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