It seems that you hear news about how bad heels are for your feet... but going the opposite way, wearing ballet flats or shoes that are too flat, can be hazardous for your feet as well.  Although it may seem intuitive, the fact that the shoes are completely flat, with a lack of arch support altogether, may not only be uncomfortable for your feet, but may actually harm your feet.  Without proper arch support, you can develop a tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. The ligament that goes from the heel, across the arch, and inserts into the ball of the foot, is called the plantar fascia. When there is a lack of support in your shoes, this ligament stretches out, causing an inflammation, and contributes to plantar fasciitis.  In addition, there is a tendon that helps hold up the arch, called the posterior tibial tendon.  Again, activity in shoes without proper arch support causes over use of this tendon, causing inflammation, or a tendonitis.  Either way, all you know is that you feel foot pain when you wear flat shoes. Here at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, we can help alleviate that pain.  Our doctors will examine your feet and determine the cause, diagnose the problem, and help you get relief. In order to prevent the pain from recurring, we have options for arch support from our over the counter PPFAC Medical Grade Inserts to custom orthotics. If you have any type of foot pain, make an appointment with our doctors today!


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