What sport has the potential to age your feet beyond the rate of the rest of your body?


Ballet is such a graceful and beautiful art to watch. Notice though that while watching a ballet, you can appreciate the strength these athletes have to stay high up on their toes and also notice that you can’t see much of their toes or feet.  The positions that ballet places your feet in puts excessive force through joints that are not used to this and it has its effects.  The tendons in a ballerina’s feet are also functioning in a different way than in a person walking or running. Blisters are just the start for foot problems in ballet. Black toenails and toenails that fall off…calluses, cuts in the skin can also occur.  The combination of genetic predisposition to foot deformity with the demands experienced in ballet can also mean bunions and hammertoes at a young age. Of course these deformities can be corrected for with surgery, but if the same forces are then applied on the feet again (meaning you keep dancing) these deformities are likely to recur – many much sooner than normally seen.


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