With the first wave of real winter weather upon us (and about four more months to go), it’s important to talk about cold weather foot care. Whether you are heading out for a run, a bike ride, skiing or even walking the dog you should make sure to take the proper steps to avoid serious injury to your feet.


  1. Wear a pair of synthetic socks:

    Choose socks made of a material that will wick sweat away and keep your feet dry. This will help to keep your feet warm, and prevent blisters.

  2. Choose the right foot wear:

    Whatever activity you choose, be sure that your shoe has enough traction for slippery conditions, as well as being made from materials that will protect your toes from the cold.

  3. Keep your feet dry

    Allowing your feet to get wet during cold conditions increases the chances of sustaining thermal injuries like frostbite.

  4. Do a proper warm up

    Ease into your cold weather activities to prevent injury. Muscles take longer to warm up in the cold weather, so take your time.


If you have questions about the best cold weather practices for healthy feet, make an appointment with one of our doctors today.

Dr. Misty McNeill
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