The temperatures are dropping and that means we gotta find a way to stay warm on our runs!  For some people it means taking it indoors...not a bad idea when temps head below zero and frankly it's unsafe out there!  I did just that today, I hit the DREADMILL.  Now don't get me wrong I don't mind hoping on the treadmill to finish up my steps for the day or listen to an audiobook. The thought however of actually doing a whole workout on it, is...well...less than desirable!  If your like me it just gets boring...some ways to keep it interesting.  

1- Run: Walk intervals- Mix it up sprint for a 1/4 mile or a minute then walk the same.  Bonus: Your heartrate will soar and the calories will melt away!

2- Keep it short- If your normal run is 5 miles?  Go for a fast 5k instead.

3- Hop on and off- This is what I did today! I ran or walked for 10 minutes then hopped off for a few minutes of push ups, sit ups and plank.  I did this for 3 rounds and got in 2.75 miles and a bit of core work!

4- Walk instead.  If running on the treadmill is BOORING...trying walking at a high incline.  Ok I know what your thinking, thats not a good workout.  Believe me it will get your heart pumping! It's also easier to multitask while walking, listen or read a book, check your email, find a recipe for dinner on pinterest!

If you are determined to go outside, be safe!  Here are some rules to help:

1-Layer up!  If the temps dip below 20 degrees I recommend 2 layers up top and 2 layers below.  If they dip below 10, I add an additional layer up top and make sure I have a layer that is wind resistent.  Below 0? Well I have honestly only done this a few times in my life (totally desperate last winter!) I would plan for 3 layers on both top and bottom including a windresistant layer. 

2-Cover your head! We lose a ton of body heat through our noggin.  I recommend a great running hat that comes down low on your ears as well as a hooded base layer.  This double coverage minimizes heat loss.  

3- Keep your hands warm! My newest fav running gear is a pair of mittens from Manzarella.  They keep my hands so toasty warm that I am actually sweaty and sometimes even taking them off to cool my hands down!

4-Don't forget your toes! Your hands and feet are the most likely to get frostbite out in the cold.  Read Dr Doyles blog on how to keep your feet and legs warm on those cold runs.

Good luck running out there! Stay safe and Run Happy!  

Dr. Misty McNeill
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