If the skin on the bottom of your foot is scaly, peeling, or itchy, you may have a fungal infection. In laymans terms, a skin fungal infection is referred to as athlete's foot. Fungus may be found in areas that tend to stay damp such as the side of swimming pools, gym lockers, or gym mats. Once it is transferred to your foot, it thrives on your skin and may especially affect the skin between your toes, as that area tends to stay damp and sweaty. The increased moisture, or maceration, in the area can also cause an actual crack or break in the skin. If that break in your skin is not treated, it is an opening for bacteria to enter. This is a dangerous progression, because a bacterial infection may cause pain, infect the surrounding tissues, or even worse, cause a puss pocket or travel to the blood. If this happens, it is very important to seek medical attention right away as an antibiotic may be needed. Our office offers a topical antifungal called Tolcylen that is used to treat athlete's foot.  In addition, we recommend spraying your shoes with Tolcylen Shoe Spray to kill the fungus in your shoe as well. So contact our office and don't delay in getting that "harmless" toe fungus treated.  If you wait, it could lead to a more dangerous situation.


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