It's just about that time ladies (and gentleman)! Have you thought about how your feet look? Are your heels cracking? Nails looking a little shabby? While there are no overnight fixes, there are a few things you can do to make your feet look better in sandals. 
First and foremost, moisturize! The more hydrated your feet are the better they look. While any good body cream will do for most feet, if your are extremely dry...we love our Prairie Path Moisturizing Foot Cream, available in our office!
Second, get your nails looking better by giving them a little color.  The best nail polish on the market is Dr's Remedy.  It comes in many great spring colors and best of all, it doesn't contain anything to harm or discolor the nails! It also has anti fungal properties.  So as you walk around the beach or pool, it will help you ward off an infection.
Are your heels cracking? We highly recommend our Prairie Path 40% Urea Ultra Softening Cream​. It's a cream that, when used daily for about 2 weeks, can make those heels ready for sandals or open backed heels.  
Think you have a fungus in the nails? It's a little too late for spring break, but if you make an appointment and consider seeing one of our doctors today, your nails can be on their way to looking better for summer!
Dr. Misty McNeill
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