Now that Spring seems to have finally broken through, we are anxious to wear sandals again!  Getting a pedicure can help get you ready to bare your feet, but in between there are a few things you can do to keep callus build up to a minimum.  Calluses present on the feet in areas where there is an increase in shearing forces and extra pressure while walking.  Depending upon your foot type, these calluses can be on the heels, the big toe joint, under the ball of the foot, or on the toes, just to name a few!  Over-the-counter creams typically lack urea or have a low concentration of urea, which is the key to softening and preventing callus build up.  We have urea cream of varying concentrations in our office of various concentrations to help keep you ahead of your calluses.

Since our feet have been stuck in boots for the last ... 6 months ... you may want to wear sandals every chance you get!  However, a dramatic change in footwear in a short period of time can lead to pain. 

Our office is equipped to keep you injury, pain and callus free!  We also have a great selection of nail polishes that are actually safe for your nails (with no harsh chemicals) and the polish has antifungal properties to prevent toenail fungus!

Stop in today to peruse some of our great products and if you are already starting to experience foot pain or a foot problem - make an appointment to get your feet ready for a great spring and summer!


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