Anybody else tired of this rain? derailed my run Monday with a huge crack of lightening as we passed the gazebo and then quickly scurried home cutting my 5 mile run to 3.  Then Tuesday barely got it in between storms and now this morning a total wash out!  

On Monday, I noticed the streets were just a bit slippery as the rain started to fall.  When the ground is slippery or uneven, I really notice that the tendons on the side of my ankles (called your Posterior tibial tendon on the inside and your peroneal on the outside) work SUPER hard.  Basically they are trying their best to keep me upright and I appreciate that as I do not need another injury this year!  Sometimes when those tendons overwork they can get inflamed, causing a tendonitis.  

If this happens, ice and decrease your mileage.  BUT if the pain doesn't go away in a few days we do worry about tiny tears in the tendons or even stress fractures in the nearby bones. So if it's still bugging you during or after a run, come on in.  Let me take a look.  Might be as simple as a little bracing, so you can get back out there and run....when the SUN IS SHINING! 


Dr. Misty McNeill
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