Sadly, most of us have probably experienced a "twisted ankle."  We step off a curb we didn't know was there...we land from dunking a basketball...or in my case, we are just standing there when our ankle gives out from under us.  While some of these accidents seem minor, they can lead to ongoing problems.

One of the big concerns we have as podiatrists is that a bad sprain fails to be treated quickly and appropriately and this leads to missing the diagnosis of a fracture - among other things.  While initial treatment of any ankle or foot sprain will be diligent icing, rest from activity and maybe an ACE wrap - the next step to take should be to call your foot doctor!  We can assess your injury and we have the skills and tools to detect if your injury was more than a sprain in order to treat it appropriately.

Everyone has different pain tolerance and while people with a higher pain tolerance aren't as affected by a given injury, it can mean that a problem festers until a condition is too far gone to completely recover from.  All too frequently I see patients who have ankle pain and tell me that they have sprained their ankle once every few months for a few years after an initial injury!  This causes immense damage to the joint itself and the ligaments surrounding a joint.  Another thing to note is that a HUGE predisposing factor of an ankle sprain is a previous ankle sprain.  Naturally, after damaging the ligaments that support the ankle, they will not heal back to their original state.  It is vital to provide support during healing to minimize the chance of the ligaments scarring in an elongated position and predisposing you to future sprains.

Be careful out there! .. and don't hesitate to contact us if you do experience an injury!

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