A patient came to my office with 3 weeks left before the Naperville Marathon with achilles tendon pain.  He attributes it to changing his shoe model and brand a few weeks ago in the middle of his training. He came to our office and received immediate treatment and is 80% pain free, but wants to know what to do now?

If you are limited on time, be realistic about your mileage leading up to race day.  As Dr. McNeill, experienced marathon runner advises, the training for this race has been done in the past 5 months. Missing a few miles here and there is not going to make or break you. Instead, get in shorter workouts, but challenge your body such as speed work or intervals. Whatever you do, don't try to rack up miles or increase intensity 5 -7 days before your race. Your body needs time to rest too! My patient is ready for the Naperville Marathon, which is coming up Sunday Nov. 9. Dr. McNeill and I plan to be there aiding runners in the medical tent and cheering everyone on, and I fully expect to see my patient cross the finish line as well!

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