My patient came in for treatment on a sprained ankle and tendinitis due to an injury during her last 10K race.   So when explaining her injury during the race, she said she is "not really sure if you would consider her a runner" and only started running in the past year or so. In response to her statement, I said I have news for you... if you run, you are a runner.  If you only started running in the past year, or even the past couple of weeks, you are a runner.  You don't have to be training for a race or ever had to complete a race to be a runner.  And any runner, beginner or seasoned, needs to be armed with a good pair of running shoes and the resources to know how to recover from any aches and pains that may come along the way.  At Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, our doctors and most of our staff are runners, and we can provide you with advice and education on how to prevent injuries and treatment plans if you are injured to get you back on the prairie path running again. 

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