I look forward to our Timeout Tuesday runs, and this morning, Erica and I were met by other runners, including a runner with her 3 month old in her running stroller, along with her running buddy who is also an avid runner.  Our run started out as a walk/run until baby was situated, then we managed to finish 3 miles on the Prairie Path as the baby slept with the steady soft patterning of running shoes hitting the path and the comfort ride of the BOB running stroller rocking her to sleep.  She proceeded to tell me she enjoys her runs so much, that she ran all through her pregnancy until maybe the 6th month and now is running with the baby.   She was so happy to find a running group that would accommodate her schedule, and go at her pace.  And to me, she is an inspiration because even with the change in life that a newborn brings, if you still love running, you can still go out and do it.  And we will continue to meet with her at our Timeout Tuesday runs on Tuesday mornings at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle.

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