What are your holiday travel plans? Disney? Visiting family in Wisconsin? Cooking a meal for your family in your own kitchen?

No matter where you choose to travel (or stay) this holiday season, there are a few ways to make sure you don't come back home with a new foot problem. Too often, we get so excited about our upcoming plans that we focus on all the things we will do or have to do
and forget about our feet! 

If you are planning a vacation away-perhaps somewhere warm and sunny, make sure to have a good pair of walking shoes in your suitcase or better yet, wear them to the airport! If all you plan to do is sit on a beach, sunscreen is a must! If you will be out in snow and on ice, walk carefully and wear boots that are warm and supportive. Even if you are hosting a holiday party, that's a lot of time on your feet on hardwood or tile floors so wearing shoes helps decrease the chance of plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and fatigued feet.  

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