As a patient coming to our practice, diabetic or not, be rest assured that we will always use a team approach in treating your diabetes.  Diabetic patients treatment is most successful when all aspects of the disease are addressed, and the best way to do this is with a team approach.  Know that our doctors here at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle will keep in close contact with your primary care doctor and send them a copy of our thorough initial evaluation, and will work with them to obtain the necessary documentation to provde diabetic shoes, if you qualifiy. We often contact your PCP for many reasons, such as if there is any aspect of your treatment such as topical or oral medications that may interract with other medications, if there are contraindications, or even just as a courtesy to give them an update.  The primary care doctors that we work with often appreciate this communication, as they use our examination of your feet to complete their assessment of your diabetes as well.

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