You can find almost anything online these days!  More recently, I came across something that gives a much deeper look into how high heels affect your foot.  For some, it may just drive home the point of why high heels hurt to wear and why they are so bad for you!

Take a look at this link to see what a foot looks like deep inside when wearing a high heel.  This CT scan shows just how much pressure is put on the joints in the foot in heels.  It also reveals why ankle sprains are much more common when walking in high heels.  On the side view, notice the small bones behind the big toe - these are called sesamoids.  A condition called sesamoiditis is common in high heel wearing individuals and it isn't hard to see why!  So much more weight is put in the ball of the foot, it's no wonder some people even experience fractures in the feet from wearing them.

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