I had a runner come in concerned about a dark purple/blackish toenail.  She noticed it after her long run over the weekend, and even during the shorter runs, the repetitive "trauma" of the toenail pressing up against the top of her running shoe kept irritating it to the point that when she came in to see me, I could barely put pressure on the big toenail without eliciting pain.  Turns out, she had a subungual hematoma, or in laypersons terms, bleeding under the toenail.  Often the pressure from the fluid buildup between the toenail and the nail bed is so great that even wearing socks is painful.  With a quick visit, we were able to remedy the situation and she left the office pain free and was able to get back on track with her training plan.  If you have an issue with your toenail that is derailing you from your training plan, make an appointment with one of our doctors and we will het you back on track. 

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