Recently, we added MLS Laser Therapy at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic. If you're wondering what that is, then here's a quick explanation: MLS stands for multiwave locked system. It  is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment where light is used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote wound and tissue healing. We use an M6 model in our office, because it has a hand piece that addresses trigger point pain and a robotic, programmable arm that cycles across a larger span of painful and damaged tissue to provide light energy with healing properties. But there's more to MLS Laser therapy than just pain relief. In fact, it offers many other additional healing benefits. While laser therapy is not for everyone, those who are good candidates can also expect to see these health boosters. 

How MLS Laser Therapy Heals You Beyond Pain Relief  

Aside from helping relieve foot pain, MLS Laser Therapy can: 

1. Increase the amount of oxygenated blood reaching your injured tissue. This also causes a temporary  increase in the diameter of your blood vessels. Not only will this improve blood flow, it also feeds into the next benefit...
2. Fight off edema (swelling). Swelling reduces with MLS Laser treatments because drainage improves with wider blood vessels AND because the laser activates your lymphatic drainage system. 

3. Speed up Tissue Repair and Cell Growth. Light photons from the lasers penetrate deeply into your tissue, speeding up the reproduction and growth of new cells. The laser light also helps repair and heal existing cells because it increases their available energy, allowing them to fast track the nutrition and waste removal process. 

4. Regenerate Nerves. Just like with your cells, laser light speeds up the process of nerve cell reconnections, helping stave off uncomfortable symptoms like numbness and tingling. 
5. Generate new cartilage. The laser lights also help boost your body's cartilage stores, making joint pain less likely and improving your mobility. 
6. Grow new bone.  MLS therapy has been known to speed up the process of new bone growth, helping repair bones at a faster pace. 
7. Regenerate muscle tissue. Laser therapy can help repair damaged muscle fibers and activate the cells that help regenerate muscle tissue.
8. Produce collagen. An increase in collagen is crucial to healing because it strengthens our hair, nails, and teeth, and gives us strong, pain-free joints.  

9. Reduce scarring. Because laser light stimulates collagen through the development of fibroblasts, it reduces your scarring after an injury: collagen is the essential in repairing tissue injuries.  This effect is what makes laser therapy so effective on open wounds and burns.

10. Form new capillaries. Additionally, MLS therapy helps close up wounds and heal scars because it promotes the development of new capillaries in damaged tissue. 

As we mentioned earlier, MLS Therapy is not for everyone, and cannot help every condition. But for those who are good candidates, laser treatments can help manage painful conditions like chronic or post-operative pain and even diabetic neuropathy. If you have been managing pain with opioids or other medications, come schedule an in-office consultation to see if MLS Therapy can help. 

Jordana White
Jordana Rothstein White
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