Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic opened its doors in 2005 and has been growing ever since. The practice consists of 3 Physicians and 11 staff members. Everyone is welcome through our doors! Being athletes themselves, the physicians treat soccer players and runners, Blackhawks and Bulls fans, and all levels of sports enthusiasts from elite to armchair with the same care and attention in order to get them back to the activities they love as quickly and safely as possible.

The 3 Physicians are moms to 9 children from little ones to college-aged! They are all active members of the Elmhurst, Oak Brook and Lombard communities where they reside, and love practicing adjacent to the Prairie Path which is perfect for a quick walk or run.

The practice sees all types of foot problems for patients 1-101, and while all of them are surgeons, each doctor has an area of specialty as well. Dr. McNeill is a runner and specializes in youth and adult athletes, including weekend warriors. Dr. Arain specializes in complex care seeing many patients who present with multiple issues in need of resolution, and Dr. Doyle is the surgical specialist, performing all types of procedures from bunions, including Lapiplasty, and hammertoes to complex tendon repair.

Most importantly, Drs. McNeill, Arain and Doyle bring a personal touch to every patient they see, treating each and every patient the way they want their own family to be treated. They truly love the Elmhurst community and their patients!